Friday, February 20, 2009

Reflux, Laughter, & A Good Night's Sleep

so, i’m not all that great about making sure i keep up with this blog, but that’s going to change. let me just make a quick bulleted list of some of the things we’ve experienced with logan throughout his 14-week lifespan so far!

1) at approx 6 weeks, logan had to go to the ER at 3:00AM because he was short of breath, wheezing, nasally, and very congested. the pedi thought that he might have RSV, so she had us bring him to the hospital just in case. they put an IV port in his little hand (worst thing i’ve ever had to witness), a urine sac over his lil bits (hey, it was better than a catheter), a chest xray where we had to literally pin him down so he couldn’t move, holding his chin up and everything so he wouldn’t cry… ugh. thankfully, all the tests came back fine, just a little bit of chest congestion. we were sent home at 6AM and tried to get him to sleep, which was veryvery hard. he slept upright in his bouncy chair for about 10 days so that the post-nasal drip would run down instead of stifle his breathing. ugh.

2) i’m not sure when it happened, but logan can now hold his head up pretty well!! but he HATES laying on his stomach. yes, we try tummy-time on the boppy and on the playmat often, but because he’s had such awful reflux issues (i’ll touch on this in its own entry one of these days), we never want to put him on his belly right after he eats because, well, it’s obviously not going to HELP the reflux. heh.

3) he laughed for the first time on january 26th, 2009 at my mother’s house (logan’s mema). daddy was playing with him with a piece of a mobile that was at my mom’s and he literally laughed like a little old man!! it was the most adorable thing i’d ever heard… and we’re anxiously awaiting the moment when he chooses to remember how he did it. he hasn’t done it since.

4) he’s wearing 6-9 month clothing. he is 14, almost 15 weeks old!!! lol. he’s just a tiny giant. we’re not quite sure how much he weighs or how long he is, but his 4 month appointment (and next round of boosters) is coming up in the next couple weeks. speaking of boosters…

5) we chose not to get the rotovirus vaccine because there just isn’t enough known about it since the scare last year. i don’t trust it yet. for more information on rotovirus, check out but otherwise, we got his other vaccines done at his 2 month appointment and he sprung a very low-grade fever, was only whiney for a couple days, and was mostly back to himself the following day! but i must admit… i would have cried when the nurse gave him the injections if it hadn’t been for the fact that i had seen him poked, prodded, and harassed at the ER 2 weeks prior. heh. otherwise… bring something to cry into, mommy’s-to-be! the shots are harder for us than they are for them. it’s true.

6) he likes to sit up!! we can put him comfortably in the bumbo seat, but his lil thighs are getting too chunky for it. hahaha. he hasn’t figured out balance quite yet, but he’s getting there! he wants to be a big man all the time.

7) logan can be laid down half awake… and go to sleep all by himself!! this is a huuuuuuuge milestone. he’s usually in bed between 9 and 10… sometimes a little earlier… but never usually later than that. and he will sleep until about 7AM. except for last night.

i hope to be able to update this at least once a week… i’m still attending college for my undergrad, so it’s sometimes hard to get to it, but don’t worry! keep checkin’ up!

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